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According to his website Alchemist's Heir, author John Mathis is a research clinician, a small business owner, a public speaker, an author and a website designer. On the other hand / brain, he is a near death survivor, an Usui Reiki Master,  a practitioner of astral projection, and paranormal investigator.

John joins us tonight to talk about his experiences in the metaphysical. We managed to just uncover the tip of the iceberg with his experiences and knowledge of the metaphysical and will be having him back on the show soon!

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Thanks for listening!


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This is the first ever WWI Futurism Friday, a series of short episodes where we will discuss mind blowing advancements in science, medicine, life extension, artificial intelligence and much more. This week we discuss Peter Diamandis' theory that humans will evolve rapidly (decades v millenniums) into new species with technology aided augmentation of our physiology. In other words, we will bypass classical evolution and force adaptations and become something other than human? Plus, if we upload the sum of our experiences into a machine, is it still you or just a copy?
We also discuss the future of medicine and how it will soon be easy to closely monitor subtle changes in our body's physiology and be able to more accurately predict disease processes. We may not be able to cure being old (yet) but we will be able to live disease free!
I hope you enjoy the new series. Stay tuned for next weeks WWI episode on Near Death Experiences. I will be interviewing a man who allegedly left his body in the ICU while suffering a massive infection that was shutting his organs down and pushing him close to death.
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This show was originally meant to be live of FB and we ran into yet another snag. Stay tuned for future video episodes which will most likely be on demand via YouTube. 

This was a fun show! We made predicitions for 2017 in technology, science and celebrity deaths. Savanna royally screws up the advert at the start of the show (which I had to leave in) and Mike royally screws up a celebrity prediction - so, all in all it was probably the best show to date!

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Thank you SO much for listening and making 2016 so successful. I'm planning on adding much much more content for 2017 and looking forward to your imput!

Happy New Year ;)


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