"Imagine the disappointment of a wolf when he sees a little Yorkie-poo; That's how your grandpa feels when he sees your man bun."

Is it okay to use the term "man-up"? If not, are you saying that men like qualities that should be aspired to attain? Men have taken a bit of a hit over the last 25 years and it is never more evident than the bumbling, emasculated father figures depicted in TV. In today's episode, I sit with barstool philosopher Dan Molen to dissect the meaning of being a man in the 21st century. Where does the male role come from? Was it a social-evolutionary survival tool or a construct of modern society? Theoretically, would it be okay to tell a little girl to "man-up"?

I'm feeling lazy tonight so I lifted this from her website www.steppingstonelifecoach.com!

Nicki is a Life Coach, specializing in personal development, performance and leadership coaching. In addition to Stepping Stone Coaching, Nicki has taught coaches in training at the prestigious Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training Program in San Diego, CA. Through Accomplishment Coaching, she had to unique opportunity to provide professional coaching and training to human resources professionals at the United Nations Family Population Fund (UNFPA).

Nicki holds the credential of a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation. She is also certified in DiSC (behavioral styles), Emotional Intelligence, and InsideOut Coaching (Performance Based Coaching). Nicki has also been trained in Gallup’s Strength based leadership programs.

So basically, Nicki is a black belt in self-discovery and development. She shares her philosophy on life optimization and self-love. Great talk Nicki!

Here is a little behind the scenes. Before I do an episode I have to set everything up and get my mind working. So I usually talk about what has happened during the day because I hate the typical "Check 1,2,3" sound check. Today, I decided to hit record and relayed a story of how I've come close to death numerous times as a suburbanite father. Enjoy

As we are getting bombarded by a hurricane, I couldn't help but ponder how reliant on electricity we've become in such a short amount of time in human history. Savanna Steel came on the show to discuss how society has been shaped by future technologies and its implications on culture and politics.

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Riley is back and he is almost finished his degree in Naturopathic Medicine. We discuss the current state of Western Medicine and where alternative medicine fits in the 21st century. Plus Riley recounts his journey into the abyss through his psychedelic experiences with Ayahuasca.

Great talk! Riley has his own podcast coming out soon! Stay tuned for details.

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5% off CBD Products from the CBDistillery! CBD Oil is the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis which hosts a number of health benefits including anti-inflammatory effects.  Don't take my word for it - read the studies yourself!

Savana Steel joins me in the studio to discuss biohacking and its effect on our health. Is biohacking a "hack" term or does it still have meaning today? Do blue blocking lenses help with sleep? Is the secret to weight loss and curing obesity-related ailments simply eating within sun-up and sundown (approx 10 our window). Where does motivation come from? How do I ge the energy for doing all I do?

All that and much more on this weeks - Wait... What If?

Past guests of the WWI Podcast met at Mike and Maleah's Revival 1869 and "revived" the original show concept and gathered for whiskey and pondering life's big questions. Typically, this means we end up talking about psychedelics, human consciousness, whether or not you should have a plan to fight (kill) your way out of every situation, ghosts, Voice of God Technology, and.... I think that covers it!

Please check out John Taylors Twisted Podcast for everything True Crime.

Like nude women? (that got your attention) Visit Maleah's art studio Shaded and Faded

Interested in the metaphysical? Visit John Mathis' site www.johnmathis.me

Aaaaaannnd Savanna Steel is starting a new show but she isn't sharing details yet! So, no plug for you ;-)

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PS - Don't be stupid! We talked about drugs but that doesn't mean you should do them! They are typically underground and you really can't trust just anyone who calls themselves a "Shaman.' So, be smart and as John Taylor says "Just try juicing first".

Today's episode, I talk with Bonnie "Queen B" Mann former boxing world champion and USMC Hall Boxing Hall of Fame inductee. A little over 10 years ago, I found myself separated from my military family and desperately seeking a group with the same level of connection I had experienced with my peers in the service. I found a new family in a small gym outside Raleigh, NC within a group of local boxers, MMA fighters, and Jui Jitsu fighters. Among them was Bonnie Mann. I have been wanting to get her on the show for some time and we finally got the chance to reconnect. We discuss everything boxing from her beginnings in baseball and softball through her decorated 14-year boxing career to her current personal training and speaking career. Bonnie is an inspirational individual and I feel honored to call her a friend.

You can follow her on Twitter here or check out her Facebook page here.

Sheri Ray's husband was being cast for A&E's popular reality drama "60 Days In' when the producers offered her a spot in the show instead. Before she knew it, she was placed as an undercover inmate in Indiana's Clark County Jail. Sheri was a great interview and I had a lot of fun talking about how she managed to switch out of the role as a corrections officer and fit in with the inmates. We discuss everything from the role of women in law enforcement to adjusting back into family life after a long absence, something her family was used to as her husband served overseas in the Army. 

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My friend James Barrat returns to the WWI Podcast to give us an update on his outlook for the future of Artificial Intelligence. Has his typical technological pessimism eased since publishing his book "Our Final Invention" back in 2013 or has AI taken a turn for the worse? James tells a cautionary tale about AI and rightly so. Although we may not face kill-bots from the future, what's more concerning are the nefarious actions of the humans behind the technology. We've already seen our personal data traded and sold as a commodity which has undoubtedly manipulated world events. James has been one of my favorite guests on the show because he has great insight into a technology that many have dismissed as simply a sci-fi boogieman. What we have witnessed over the past decade has been extraordinary and what we will witness in the next decade may alter human the human race for eternity. 

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