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Dr. David Perrodin is an expert in School Security, Crisis Preparedness & Response, Connectedness & Intruder Education. He has a book coming out this fall about the miraculous rescue of 500,000 people from lower Manhattan during the 9/11 terror attacks. He joins the show to discuss how and why we react to certain crisis. How can we prepare for a disaster when no two are alike? Does preparation for a disaster consequently hinder response? We also delve into mob mentality, the rise of Antifa violence and the absurdity of "safe spaces" on college campuses. 
David is a forward thinker and a great conversationalist. We had a great talk and I'm sure you'll enjoy the show! 
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Have you ever heard Joe Rogan talk about the "baby bird" incident? Do you have a strong stomach? If the answer is no, then maybe skip searching for it on Youtube. (Don't worry, no animals were harmed!)

Pat Philbin (@PatfrmMoonachie) was a regular guy from Moonachie, NJ who found himself thrust into a semi-famous figure when he became a recurring guest on the infamous Opie and Anthony Show. He has hung out with comedy greats and toured with the Opie and Anthony Comedy Festival. 

Pat was kind enough to join me for a quick discussion about his wild ride almost a decade ago!


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Vincent Vitale joins us from Austin, TX as part of Aspire Food Group which produces Aketta, edible crickets. They raise food-grade crickets on a commercial scale, and actively work to normalize the consumption of insects in the western world. Additionally, they commercially farm palm weevil larvae and run a program which empowers peri-rural farmers to raise palm weevils in Ghana.
I sample a few crickets while Savanna and I discuss the possible future of food in a world where resources are becoming limited. 

Rachel Greenberg hopes to help others who are suffering from grief through her organization Connections of Hope. I invited her on to discuss the almost universal feeling of grief after we humans lose a loved one. However, her story takes a strange turn in the form of Induced After Death Communication; a psychological treatment for post traumatic stress which results in unexpected encounters with deceased individuals. Her story is fascinating and told from an individual who was a staunch skeptic and atheist before the encounter. 

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a somewhat controversial subject in a culture of capitalistic competition but if you've been paying attention to technology and the presence of automation, you should realize that human labor will soon be antiquated and jobs across the spectrum of trades will be lost. How will you provide for your family when artificial intelligent machines force you into retirement? If you don't believe this is a reality, then you'll need to get out from under that rock and face reality!

Today's guest is Scott Santens and he is what I consider the ultimate source on everything associated with universal basic income. From his website:

Scott is a "writer and advocate of basic income for all; Citizen of Earth and New Orleans; Bachelor of Science in Psychology; Moderator of the /r/BasicIncome community on Reddit; Founder of the BIG Patreon Creator Pledge..."

That introductory bio pretty much sums up who Scott Santens is. I don't have enough room to list all his contributory articles to outlets such as Huffington Post, TechCrunch, The Boston Globe, Cracked and the News Hub (to name a few) but if you visit his site there are plenty of links and a wealth of information regarding UBI. Additionally, he has authored/co-authored several books on the topic of income equality in the dawning of the machine age.

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Riley Anderson was working in the Canadian oil industry earning good money but, like many others, did feel he was living a purposeful life. He sought help through an ancient shamanic Ayahuasca ritual which dramatically changed his outlook on life and led him to his true path. Riley returns to WWI to discuss in more depth about the physical versus metaphysical effects of the active drug DMT. We also wax philosophically about the origins of DMT and what purpose it serves here on Earth. Was it programmed into DNA as the calling card of our creator or is it merely a chemical that stimulates our brain into meaningless psychedelic hallucinations? Riley is a knowledgeable guy and lots of fun to talk to. Strap on your thinking caps and prepare for a journey to other dimensions!

*The Wait What If Podcast does not promote or condone use of illegal drugs. Riley's experiences were anecdotal and experimentation with illegal substances can lead to seriously injury or death. 


Archaeologist Nigel Hetherington is co-founder and owner of Past Preservers a media consulting firm which places experts in archaeology in front of the cameras for documentaries, TV series and new reports.

From the site:

By way of his many contacts in both the global academic field and in the media industry, Nigel serves as head of Past Preserver’s daily operations. Throughout his years immersed in the real and various challenges of graduate studies and professional field work in archaeology and site preservation, Nigel resolutely nurtured his design to facilitate and support the happy marriage of rigorous and scientific archaeology to innovative and (dare we say) entertaining film and media projects. Nigel is a graduate of the Institute of Archaeology, University College London and is the co-author with Dr. Kent Weeks of The Valley of the Kings Site Masterplan.

Nigel is an expert in Egyptology and we discuss the current state of tourism in a post-revolutionary Egypt. We discuss the the difficult and often controversial task of maintaining these sites for future generations. And lastly, he sets me straight on my "pseudo-archaeological" knowledge of the origins of the Sphinx and the Pyramids. I still remain a Graham Hancock fan though! Sorry Nigel ;)


I took a break from interviews to catch up with Savanna Steele. First we discuss what in the hell could flat Earth people are thinking! I mean seriously, how can anyone think the Earth is flat??? I watched a few "documentaries" on YouTude and never once felt compelled to believe this horse shit!

Savanna tries to reconnect with her ancestors by treking through the Carolina wilderness.

And finally, I go on one of my medical rants on why we are getting fatter and fatter. It's really not our fault, so stop taking it so personally!

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     Have we unknowingly wandered into George Orwell's dystopian world from his famous novel 1984? Manipulation of language; punishment of dissent; control of thoughts and actions; these are just a few of the realities for which we find ourselves. There is some backlash to the phenomena of self-censorship and political correctness run amok, how else would you explain the unlikely rise of Trump? Luckily there are a group of people out there who are willing to talk freely and address politics and culture without adhering to partisan talking points. You may not agree with what people have to say but our Constitution guarantees they have the right to say it. Gray Winsler is one of those people. He is a YouTuber who is known for his defense of the first amendment and his insightful critique of American politics. His unique story starts with his unconventional education which began after he left school 2 weeks into the eighth grade. A few years later, his parents had to drive him to his first college classes because he was too young for a driver's license. Gray is the creator of several viral videos based on his insightful commentary on Donald Trump's unlikely bid for the presidency and the culture which made it happen. He's a smart guy and has a great future ahead of him!
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I was honored to have a chance to record an episode of the WWI Podcast with the legendary Dr. Christopher Ryan. You may recognize his name from his many appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience, his successful podcast Tangentially Speaking, his TED talks, or perhaps his best selling book Sex at Dawn. His biography is as wild as his adventuresome life. From his website:

Christopher and his work have been featured just about everywhere, including: MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, NPR, The New York Times, The Times of London, Playboy, The Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic, Outside,El Pais, La Vanguardia, Salon, Seed, and Big Think. 

A featured speaker from TED in Long Beach, CA to The Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House to the Einstein Forum in Pottsdam, Germany, Chris has consulted at various hospitals in Spain, provided expert testimony in a Canadian constitutional hearing, and appeared in well over a dozen documentary films.

... After receiving a BA in English and American literature in 1984 he spent the next two decades traveling around the world, pausing in unexpected places to work at decidedly odd jobs (e.g., gutting salmon in Alaska, teaching English to prostitutes in Bangkok and self-defense to land-reform activists in Mexico, managing commercial real-estate in New York’s Diamond District, helping Spanish physicians publish their research). In his mid-30s, Chris decided to pursue doctoral studies in Psychology...

I hope you enjoy listeining to this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!

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