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Sean Hayes, professional skateboarder, author, and world traveler. He joins us to talk about unconventional ways of dealing with depression through experiencing life fully through all that it throws at us.  We delve into philosophy, ayahuasca, morals and death. This was a great show and truly back to the roots about what the WWI Podcast is all about. I think you'll really enjoy the show.
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Hans Fex is a successful entrepreneur and the creator of the fascinating Mini-Museum ( What is a mini-museum? In a nutshell, it is a collection of rare and interesting artifacts, sliced and diced into tiny specimens and sealed in a small epoxy display case. If you're a history buff or fascinated by artifacts, this item is right up your alley. I own one myself and love to watch my friends and family gaze at the collection of specimens which included a small piece of Appollo 11, coal from the Titanic and soil from Dracula's Castle! 

Hans was featured on episode #44 last year to tell the background story of the Mini-Museum. During that interview, I realized how great a storyteller he is and invited him back to recount a particular adventure about scaling the mountain where Dracula's castle is located. Without giving too much away, it involved jetlag, delirium, wolves, bears, torrential rains and narrowly escaping a fall to his death! Hans tells a hell of a tale and is a great friend of the WWI Podcast. I hope he accepts an open invite to share more of his stories from around the world.

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So, did the ghost hunt and follow-on discussion persuade me that there are indeed ghosts amongst us? You'll have to listen to find out. In this companion episode to WWI#76 I pick John Mathis' and Vincent Genna's brains about the paranormal world. We review some of the events of the night and discuss personal stories with the unexplained. 

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On October 16, 2017, I invited paranormal investigator John Mathis and renowned psychic Vincent Genna to explore the possible sources of unexplained events taking place at Revival 1869, a craft cocktail bar located at the center of Clayton, NC. As a self-proclaimed skeptic-at-heart, I wanted a chance to see these events through the eyes of true believers and approach the investigation with an open mind about the possibility that some things exist beyond our five senses. The Wait What If Podcast is about bringing people together to discuss the mysteries of existence, the complexities of society and to learn about the world through a diverse set of beliefs. This evening was the epitome of that mission. Mr. Vincent and Mr. Mathis did a fantastic job in opening my mind to the possibility that there is much more to our world than we can see.

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Hey, we're broadcasting the annual HALLOWEEN LIVE EPISODE this MONDAY 10/16 (that's two days from now) from Mike and Maleah's bar Revival 1869! We're investigating unexplained events with some paranormal experts. The show starts at 9pm. I'll tweet out the link from @wwipodcast and post the feed to the WWI FaceBook page ( The video will be on demand, so check it out if you can!

Today's guest (who wishes to remain anonymous) travels the world via twitter polls. He puts up three destinations and lets folks tell him where to go. He shares some great adventures and a little about his previous life as a professional poker player. We delve into the usual mysteries of our human experience and he had a lot of interesting takes on life. 

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This is the final installment of my First Amendment series where I interviewed a number of guests (liberal and conservative) who share the common passion of "freedom" from oppression via de facto censorship.

From his patreon site:

As many of you are aware YouTube has been getting quite strict around what they consider "sensitive" content and as a result I have decided to start a Patreon. 
I make videos focusing on the social injustices and racial hypocrisy we are forced to deal with today. As of right now I focus as much time as possible into creating new content and keeping you updated with current events also I would like to branch into live streaming debates between controversial individuals with opposing viewpoints.
I love the idea of independent content creation and this is the opportunity I have been looking for to begin a new journey into full time self employment.
I am overwhelmingly grateful for all the support I have been getting so far and I Thank You all so much for engaging with me as well as each other.

Hope you enjoy the episode.

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Daniel Duerst is the creator of "Duerst the Wuerst" YouTube channel. He describes himself as "I am a center left, liberalish guy who goes around filming political protests, live bands, and other crazy, random, weird occurrences."

We live in a strange era where the average person with a cell phone can become a citizen journalist just by the act of live streaming political events. This is great in that we can watch events unfold in real time without the bias so often interjected by the big media companies. It can also be dangerous for this new breed of journalists if they find themselves on the wrong side of the political spectrum than those they are filming. 

My interview with Daniel is the third in a series of four interviews with individuals who have used social media outlets to the advantage of exposing unreported political events. Their "live" broadcasts of events as they unfold expose, unflinching, the reality of modern violent activism.

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 So this is a bit outside my normal episode but I thought it would be fun. We got into a back and forth on twitter over the veracity of NASA's claims out going to the moon. I dropped some 5th-grade science and think I won the debate. Take a listen and let me know who you think won!

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Based in LA is a media company focused on comedy, culture and politics.  Their modis operandi is to counter the predominantly leftist culture of Hollywood and offer an alternate but equally valid view of politics, society and culture. Based in LA captures their audiences attention by embedding themselves within the often chaotic scenes of contemporary activism. We've seen the state of political discourse decay into violent stifling of opinion resulting in stark polarization of political ideologies culminating in literal knee jerk reactions to dissent. Especially in groups labeling themselves as either "antifa" (anti-fascist) or white nationalist. 
My interview with Jeffrey and Tim is the second in a series of four interviews with individuals who have used social media outlets to the advantage of exposing unreported political events. Their "live" broadcasts of events as they unfold expose, unflinching, the reality of modern violent activism.
The first in the series was with YouTuber Grey Winsler. You can check out his interview here. Stay tuned for future interviews with Daniel "Duerst the Wuerst" Duerst and Tylor from The Open Debate.
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Kyle Hester joined me to talk about how modern technology has created a golden age for indie film makers. He has (from what I countd on IMDB) more than 20 acting credits to his name and is appearing in the up comming indie film Zombie with a Shotgun! He is great resource for the process of crowd funding films and if you're an aspiring film-maker then your chances of landing on the big screen are better today than ever! We cat about the film-making process; acting; and guaging success.

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