October 7, 2016

#44 Hans Fex, Creator of the Mini Museum, shares his success story!

Hans was down and out after a layoff from his dream job at Think Geek forced him to sink or swim. He was lucky enough to have a tight knit group of friends and colleagues who inspired him to complete a life long dream of creating the Mini Museum. The idea first came to him as a little boy when he watched his father encase an artifact into an epoxy capsule to preserve it. 40 years later, with the help of the crowd funding giants Kick Starter, his vision became a reality. The project was grandiose and took him to the corners of the world to collect interesting bits of history, modern and ancient. Hans was kind enough to share his story with us and I hope you enjoy!

You can visit his site (and pick up a mini museum yourself) at www.minimuseum.com

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