April 29, 2018

Nate Thoresen - AI, Universal Basic Income; Free Speech and electric cars!

Nate Thoreson who studies at North Dakota State University and is the Co-Founder and Director of Marketing for a technology start-up called Webblen. We had a great talk about the current atmosphere concerning free speech in our institutions of higher learning and even if a college education will be a necessity in the future.
Nate is very knowledgeable about the cutting edge of technology and we had a great talk about Artificial Intelligence and its influence on commerce/education/entertainment and social media. Other topics include the economic singularity, Universal Basic Income, and driverless cars.

You can find Nate on Twitter: @thoreson_nate 

Webblen's homepage: https://www.webblen.io/ 

And here is the youtube channel we talked about called Kurzgesagt.

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