June 30, 2016

WWI #37: Ryan Hurst of GMB Fitness talks to us getting back to the bare essentials of working out and what it really means to be fit.

So if you've listened to the show over the past few months you know I had a midlife crisis and decided to deadlift 400 pounds by the time I turned 40 in December. It turned out to be a stupid decision because instead of dealifting 400 pounds, I ended up spending hours laying on the floor with a hurt back. In researching rehab programs, I discovered GMB Fitness after seeing a lot of chatter about them on twitter. Their focus is on mindfulness, listening to your body and exploring movements through various work flows. The first paragraph on their website caught my attention the most:

“Lately, the word “fitness” has been perverted to mean shaming yourself into doing things you hate to impress people you don’t like with a body that looks good but is too beat-up and tired to do anything fun.”

Ryan was a cool interview and we had a good discussion on what it means to get fit today and what our motivations are for hitting the gym. We talk about stripping away the equipment and getting back to the bare essentials in our bare feet. 

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