James Barrat is a writer, director and producer of documentary films. He is also author of the nonfiction book Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human EraTime Magazine named him one of the 5 smartest people who believe AI could bring on the apocalypse and his book was named on of the 8 definitive tech books of 2013 bu Huffington Post.

Mr. Barrat joined me for a frank discussion on how real the negative impacts of AI will be on the future of humanity. He states that the development of this technology should be the most important conversation of the current era and yet we rarely hear of it beyond the novelty of self-driving cars, personal digital assistants (Siri, Echo) and simplified online personal shopping. However, bringing an intelligence online which is smarter than humans drops us down a rung on the hierarchy of life and may lead to our eventual demise... in unpleasant ways.

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