Today's episode, I talk with Bonnie "Queen B" Mann former boxing world champion and USMC Hall Boxing Hall of Fame inductee. A little over 10 years ago, I found myself separated from my military family and desperately seeking a group with the same level of connection I had experienced with my peers in the service. I found a new family in a small gym outside Raleigh, NC within a group of local boxers, MMA fighters, and Jui Jitsu fighters. Among them was Bonnie Mann. I have been wanting to get her on the show for some time and we finally got the chance to reconnect. We discuss everything boxing from her beginnings in baseball and softball through her decorated 14-year boxing career to her current personal training and speaking career. Bonnie is an inspirational individual and I feel honored to call her a friend.

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Sheri Ray's husband was being cast for A&E's popular reality drama "60 Days In' when the producers offered her a spot in the show instead. Before she knew it, she was placed as an undercover inmate in Indiana's Clark County Jail. Sheri was a great interview and I had a lot of fun talking about how she managed to switch out of the role as a corrections officer and fit in with the inmates. We discuss everything from the role of women in law enforcement to adjusting back into family life after a long absence, something her family was used to as her husband served overseas in the Army. 

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My friend James Barrat returns to the WWI Podcast to give us an update on his outlook for the future of Artificial Intelligence. Has his typical technological pessimism eased since publishing his book "Our Final Invention" back in 2013 or has AI taken a turn for the worse? James tells a cautionary tale about AI and rightly so. Although we may not face kill-bots from the future, what's more concerning are the nefarious actions of the humans behind the technology. We've already seen our personal data traded and sold as a commodity which has undoubtedly manipulated world events. James has been one of my favorite guests on the show because he has great insight into a technology that many have dismissed as simply a sci-fi boogieman. What we have witnessed over the past decade has been extraordinary and what we will witness in the next decade may alter human the human race for eternity. 

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Chris Denson is an award-winning innovator, marketer, stand-up comedian, and host of the Innovation Crush podcast. Chris is an expert at uncovering the best thinking and commonalities across a diverse array of cultures to bring success and innovation to creative projects. His work has been featured in Adweek, Forbes, the New York Times, and Inc.

Denson was born in Detroit, Michigan and later attended Michigan State University where he earned a degree in packaging engineering and was a member of the school’s martial arts team. While attending Michigan State, he began to explore stand up comedy and comedy writing by performing at local nightclubs and creating his own sketch comedy TV series that aired locally in Lansing, MI. Standup comedy would eventually lead him to win several competitions and land him an appearance on USA’s Up All Night with Gilbert Godfrey.

Chris was a great guest! We had a great talk about creativity in the 21st century and the role tech plays in the evolution of creative entrepreneurship. We delve into his philosophy of innovation and how his history in stand-up comedy and martial arts shaped his successful career. 

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Paul Adams is a friend and neighbor who is ever willing to share his philosophical views on life. He came over tonight to help my understanding of what it means to be a good person. I have trouble reconciling the fact that so many people call themselves "good" yet we waste so many resources that could be utilized to ease the suffering of other humans. We don't exactly see eye to eye on every issue but I appreciate his openness and careful contemplation with every idea placed before him. 

From Paul Adam's Website

After retiring from the United States Air Force Academy Band (guitar) and successfully completing graduate studies in philosophy of religion at Denver Seminary, Paul D. Adams has worked in the IT industry, taught full-time as adjunct professor of philosophy and religious studies, developed and conducted multiple small group leadership seminars, and currently serves as Director of Information Technology on the Board of Directors with ConservationVIP® — a non-profit dedicated to the sustainability of some of the world’s greatest landscapes and cultural sites.

He holds memberships in the Society of Christian PhilosophersEvangelical Philosophical Society, and the Evangelical Theological Society. Paul and his wife Patty are active members of Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Nate Thoreson who studies at North Dakota State University and is the Co-Founder and Director of Marketing for a technology start-up called Webblen. We had a great talk about the current atmosphere concerning free speech in our institutions of higher learning and even if a college education will be a necessity in the future.
Nate is very knowledgeable about the cutting edge of technology and we had a great talk about Artificial Intelligence and its influence on commerce/education/entertainment and social media. Other topics include the economic singularity, Universal Basic Income, and driverless cars.

You can find Nate on Twitter: @thoreson_nate 

Webblen's homepage: 

And here is the youtube channel we talked about called Kurzgesagt.

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Ms. Victoria Carella spent some time with me discussing an ancient technique of healing through Shamanism. As a practitioner of modern medicine, I am fascinated by ancient methods of healing and learning about their role in the modern world. Victoria explains how she uses cannabis as a medicinal "teacher" and the controversy over its federal legality. As such, I have to put a disclaimer on this episode: I do not condone or recommend that individuals self-medicate with plants for medical conditions. These plant medicines can be very powerful and interact with a host of prescribed medications today and these interactions could be fatal!

From Victoria A. Carella's AMAZON PAGE: She is a Mystic, Master Shaman, master of human consciousness, Master Medicine Woman, transformational teacher, visionary, artist, author, poet, and gardener. Her working in mysticism, consciousness and shamanism took her from the American Southwest to the jungles of Mexico, to Europe, to Mongolia, to Egypt, Greece and Tunisia, and to Peru and the Peruvian Amazon. Victoria apprenticed with a Maestro in the Peruvian Amazon in the eminent and legendary lineage of Don Julio Llerana Pinedo and Don Alberto Torres Davila. She focuses her work on authentic disciplines of shamanism. As a Master Shaman, she guides people into shamanic states of consciousness to connect to their true selves as she takes them on the journey of healing and transformation.

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If there was the prototypical guest for the Wait What If Podcast, Zac Baker would fit the bill. To say he lives "a life less ordinary" would be an understatement. What brought Zac to the show was his involvement in an A&E reality show in which individuals voluntarily locked themselves up in jail to help better understand the system and hopefully fix any problems experienced first hand from an inmate's perspective. To me, this sounds like a nightmare! To Zac, it was a walk in the park. He discusses an innate, almost genetic draw towards service and leadership which has led him from the battlefields of Afghanistan to the Police academy. Life has a way of throwing us curveballs but Zac has a knack for overcoming adversity and turning everything into opportunity!

Zac discusses how this experience changed his life and how it set into motion the desire to reach out to fellow veterans who may have made poor decisions but can come back from the low points with a little guidance and camaraderie. 

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Maryam Henein has been dubbed "the Erin Brockovich of the Bee Word." She is an investigative journalist, activist, functional medicine coach, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. She directed the documentary Vanishing of the Bees narrated by Ellen Page.
Maryam is a passionate and knowledgeable speaker. On this episode, she discusses the benefits she gained by use of CBD oil (non-psychoactive oil from cannabis and hemp) and how non-traditional medical approaches (diet, supplements, meditation) have put her chronic illnesses into remission.  We also discuss the phenomenon of Colony Collapse Disorder in which unsustainable agricultural practices have decimated the honey bee population.
Ms. Henein was an absolute pleasure to have on the show and I learned a lot from our talk! Check her out on twitter (@MaryamHenein) or visit her site


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Director Chris Bell (Bigger Stronger Faster, Prescription Thugs, Trophy Kids) joins me today to chat nutrition, creativity in film-making and his upcoming film Leaf of Faith (to be released this May) which is about Kratom, an all natural plant leaf which enthusiasts claim carries a host of benefits to include opiate addiction recovery, pain relief, and anxiety reduction. 

Chris is a very talented film-maker and I encourage you to check out his films! 

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