Archaeologist Nigel Hetherington is co-founder and owner of Past Preservers a media consulting firm which places experts in archaeology in front of the cameras for documentaries, TV series and new reports.

From the site:

By way of his many contacts in both the global academic field and in the media industry, Nigel serves as head of Past Preserver’s daily operations. Throughout his years immersed in the real and various challenges of graduate studies and professional field work in archaeology and site preservation, Nigel resolutely nurtured his design to facilitate and support the happy marriage of rigorous and scientific archaeology to innovative and (dare we say) entertaining film and media projects. Nigel is a graduate of the Institute of Archaeology, University College London and is the co-author with Dr. Kent Weeks of The Valley of the Kings Site Masterplan.

Nigel is an expert in Egyptology and we discuss the current state of tourism in a post-revolutionary Egypt. We discuss the the difficult and often controversial task of maintaining these sites for future generations. And lastly, he sets me straight on my "pseudo-archaeological" knowledge of the origins of the Sphinx and the Pyramids. I still remain a Graham Hancock fan though! Sorry Nigel ;)

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