Riley Anderson was working in the Canadian oil industry earning good money but, like many others, did feel he was living a purposeful life. He sought help through an ancient shamanic Ayahuasca ritual which dramatically changed his outlook on life and led him to his true path. Riley returns to WWI to discuss in more depth about the physical versus metaphysical effects of the active drug DMT. We also wax philosophically about the origins of DMT and what purpose it serves here on Earth. Was it programmed into DNA as the calling card of our creator or is it merely a chemical that stimulates our brain into meaningless psychedelic hallucinations? Riley is a knowledgeable guy and lots of fun to talk to. Strap on your thinking caps and prepare for a journey to other dimensions!

*The Wait What If Podcast does not promote or condone use of illegal drugs. Riley's experiences were anecdotal and experimentation with illegal substances can lead to seriously injury or death. 

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