October 27, 2017

#76 What if we tried to find a real ghost? Halloween Ghost Hunt at Revival 1869 in Clayton, NC - PART 1

On October 16, 2017, I invited paranormal investigator John Mathis and renowned psychic Vincent Genna to explore the possible sources of unexplained events taking place at Revival 1869, a craft cocktail bar located at the center of Clayton, NC. As a self-proclaimed skeptic-at-heart, I wanted a chance to see these events through the eyes of true believers and approach the investigation with an open mind about the possibility that some things exist beyond our five senses. The Wait What If Podcast is about bringing people together to discuss the mysteries of existence, the complexities of society and to learn about the world through a diverse set of beliefs. This evening was the epitome of that mission. Mr. Vincent and Mr. Mathis did a fantastic job in opening my mind to the possibility that there is much more to our world than we can see.

Vincent Genna - www.VincentGenna.com

John Mathis - www.JohnMathis.me

Revival 1869 Bar - www.Revival1869.com


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