December 15, 2017

What if we had a few drinks LIVE? Christmas Cocktails from Revival 1869

Well, we had so much fun with the Live Ghost Hunt from Revival 1869 on Halloween that I figured why not return to this fine establishment to celebrate Christmas the best way - making merry with friends and spirits! On this episode, Mike and Maleah introduced us to their professional bartenders and we are schooled about the intricacies of craft cocktail mixing. 

This was a live Facebook event (see video) and handling the sound, video, and interviews as a one-man show was a challenge. The audio is a bit off compared to my typical episodes (I had 5 different audio sources I had to pull from).

We will return with a new line up of very interesting guests starting in the new year. I will be focusing on integrating the website to the show with product reviews (nootropics, books, unorthodox fitness gear etc..) links, blog posts and more.

Thank you for checking out the show. As always shoot me an email at with questions, comments, critiques or if you want to be on the show.

Merry Christmas! -ks



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