November 17, 2017

#78 What if you were lost & in a storm at night clinging to the side of a cliff? Hans Fex & scaling Dracula’s Castle

Hans Fex is a successful entrepreneur and the creator of the fascinating Mini-Museum ( What is a mini-museum? In a nutshell, it is a collection of rare and interesting artifacts, sliced and diced into tiny specimens and sealed in a small epoxy display case. If you're a history buff or fascinated by artifacts, this item is right up your alley. I own one myself and love to watch my friends and family gaze at the collection of specimens which included a small piece of Appollo 11, coal from the Titanic and soil from Dracula's Castle! 

Hans was featured on episode #44 last year to tell the background story of the Mini-Museum. During that interview, I realized how great a storyteller he is and invited him back to recount a particular adventure about scaling the mountain where Dracula's castle is located. Without giving too much away, it involved jetlag, delirium, wolves, bears, torrential rains and narrowly escaping a fall to his death! Hans tells a hell of a tale and is a great friend of the WWI Podcast. I hope he accepts an open invite to share more of his stories from around the world.

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Music in this episode is from the Album Waterstories by stacxk and is licensed under a Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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